Pricing - Metafour Travel

For a low capital investment, our products have everything you would expect from a modern software solution- reliability, security and universal browser access.

It is vital that the benefits of using Empower increases along with the productivity and efficiency of your business. We are committed to pricing that fits your business and which ensures a measurable return on investment for all users.

FeatureIncluded in Standard ProductAdditional Modules
Full featured reservations systemtick-32
Intelligent reporting toolstick-32
Unlimited userstick-32
Upgrades and new version releasestick-32
Secure Hostingtick-32
Product Trainingtick-32
Access from any PC with no extra softwaretick-32
Integration with your email systemtick-32
Invoices, itineraries and vouchers to your designtick-32
Multiple variants of a booking as quotes to the customertick-32
Content-managed bookable website solutiontick-32
Connection to your supplierstick-32
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